Oak HiFi Unit

Made from Oak with Cherry doors.






This piece was designed for Mr Ashok Rebello, Aberdeen. Mr Rebello wanted a design that accomodated all his HiFi equipment, but with a minimum of space available to site the unit.

The doors were to be retractable so that he could use his remote controls and have plenty of ventilation to prevent the system components overheating.

He was also concerned that the unit was constructed in a similar style to his existing Oak furniture, and that its doors would be in Cherry.



Depth: 640mm (26 inches)

Width: 1700mm (5 feet 8 inches)

Height: 500mm (1 foot 8 inches)






The top was 30mm, dividers and shelves 22mm boards biscuit jointed and glued. Feet - 70mm x 70mm x 20mm. Sides were formed from 70mm x 25mm grooved frames with 15mm rebated panels. Doors were made from Cherry, mortice and tenoned and rebated to accept 4mm toughened grey-tinted glass, with proprietary hand-made Oak handles. The shelves were supported on slimline bookcase strips with adjustable pegs. The doors were mounted on "Accuride" retractable hinges. The centre compartment has a removable speaker grill with concealed fixings.



The unit was finished in 10% sheen lacquer.




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