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We finish most of our pieces with clear beeswax. This easy to apply finish is readily available and cheap. It has been used for centuries.


The best method to apply:


1. Sand the wood down to as much as 320 grit using progressively finer grits starting from about 100 grit.

2. Remove all dust from the wood. A light wipe with a clean rag soaked in water will raise the grain. Sand the wood again with the 320 grit making sure always to sand in the direction of the grain.

3. If the wax you have is quite hard you can heat it a little by putting the tin in a bowl of warm water.

4. The first coat should be applied quite liberally as it will soak into the wood easily.

5. Subsequent coats can be applied after first sanding the surface, then wiping clean with a dry rag.

7. As you apply each coat you will need less and less wax.

8. At the last stages at around the 4th application, you will use medium steel wool rather than abrasive paper to prepare the surface.

9. You can use the steel wool to then apply the final coats.

10. After about 6 coats you will have achieved the finish you require.

11. Leave the wax to dry after each application (the time will depend on the humidity of the room).

12. when you are sure the surface is completely dry you need to give all the surfaces a light rub with steel wool. This will leave the wood with a satin finish.


Make sure your cloths are lint free!

Surfaces finished in beeswax are not waterproof!

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