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Teak Oil or Linseed Oil


We finish our garden furniture with teak or linseed oil. Oil is an easy to apply finish and is readily available and cheap. It is also possible to use any oil such as olive oil.

The reason for using oil on furniture is that it soaks into the wood and acts as a good water repellent. No furniture that is left out in all weathers will last if it is not regularly oiled. Only once a year and just before covering ready for the winter weather is sufficient, allowing the timber to absorb the oil over the winter break.


The best method to apply on new wood:


1. Sand the wood down to as much as 320 grit using progressively finer grits starting from about 100 grit.

2. Remove all dust from the wood. A light wipe with a clean rag soaked in water will raise the grain. Sand the wood again with the 320 grit making sure always to sand in the direction of the grain.

3. Teak oil is ready to use from the can, linseed oil can be heated in a pan of water to make it flow better.

4. The first coat should be applied quite liberally as it will soak into the wood easily.

5. Subsequent coats can be applied after first sanding the surface, then wiping clean with a dry rag.

7. As you apply each coat you will need less and less oil.

8. At the last stages at around the 4th application, you will use medium steel wool rather than abrasive paper to prepare the surface.

9. Once the timber that is oiled is dry it can be washed in clean water. Just give your table a quick wipe before you use to to eat a.


Reapply on old wood:


1. Remove any debris from the timber by scrubbing with a stiff brush using water and soft detergent then rinse with clean water.

2. Once dry, you need to sand the timber to bring to smooth (as above).

3. Apply the oil liberally but wiping excess oil when you have finished the surface.

4. One coat once per year before putting the furniture in storage is plenty.


Make sure your cloths are lint free!

Surfaces finished in beeswax are waterproof and ready to use, however seats should be left to dry and scrubbed before sitting on!

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