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How Do I Order?

We have the following specific information for orders. These apply mainly to commissions, but will apply also to items from our online store that are on backorder.


Timeline: (1) Initial Call ► (2) Quotation ► (3) Acceptance of Quote ► (4) Deposit ► (5) Commencement of Works ► (6) Final Payment ► (7) Delivery


(1) Initial Call

  1. We like to speak to you as soon as you call, but you will need to leave a message if we are busy with other customers. We aim to respond to your initial enquiry within 24 hours.

  2. If we are busy your call may be diverted to another number. This will allow us to handle your enquiry sooner.

(2) Quotation

We quote for all jobs in the following way:

  1. We will find out your exact requirements. This may involve site visits, further telephone calls to discuss options, draft plans and sketches and re-price of original specification.

  2. We will provide a detailed scaled plan of your job along with a detailed price.

  3. You will be offered alternatives to your own ideas if you are happy with this.

  4. We ask you to make a deposit of 30 percent of the contract price excluding delivery.

You will be notified of delivery options – See Delivery Section.

(3) Acceptance of Quote

  1. If you are happy and content with all the foregoing, we will issue a contract of works, which requires a signature by the individual who will be making the payments. If you wish to make any alterations to the specification we will require an endorsed copy for our records. A facsimile transmission or an email with your signature/email address (respectively) is sufficient if postage is too slow or complicated due to large documents.

  2. You will be asked to contribute an amount as a deposit as per the quotation.

(4) Deposit

  1. We ask you to make a contribution in accordance with our quotation terms.

(5) Commencement of Works

  1. The work starts at the next available slot in our schedule, during which time you have control of the workshop, including any site visits, viewing of progress of work, etc.

  2. You may contact us at any time to check on progress. The workshop can be visited while we are carrying out your job, but please phone first so we can devote the necessary time to your needs.

  3. We try to undertake each contract in the order of when our terms of contract have been accepted, either verbally, by deposit clearing at bank, or contract signing. We feel this is fair for all our customers.

  4. If you have a specific non-stock order we will try to accommodate any time restrictions you place, but in certain circumstances this may be difficult for us to comply with due to the following factors:- materials availability, machinery servicing, parts availability, power failure, breakdowns, cold weather affecting glue or finishes, or other difficulty.

  5. We will insert another job in your slot if there are any delays due to any of the factors in 4. above. We will finish your job as soon as practicable. As the workshop can become congested, we will always try to complete each job before starting on new work. If there is a delay in starting your job it will be as a result of the factors noted.

  1. You are welcome to make any design comments after visiting the workshop or telephoning to re-arrange work.

  2. If there are any last minute alterations to the contract, it will be important to make sure work has not progressed too far.

  3. If the original specification is no longer suitable and we have progressed beyond the point where we can halt production, you will be asked to pay an additional amount to cover increased costs.

(6) Final Payment

  1. Near the end of work you will be asked to make the final payment (including extras if applicable).

  2. As we have stated, you are welcome to visit the workshop at any time your job is in progress, therefore, we will also allow you to visit prior to making final payment.

  3. You may ask to be kept informed of progress by email, including interim photos of your project.

  4. After we receive your final payment, we will begin arrangements for the delivery of your furniture.

(7) Delivery

* Please see 'Your Delivery' Section

If there are any questions you feel we have not answered please use our feedback form to advise us of your query. You may also call our help line: 0845 638 2199.

Any questions? Submit at: http://docs.genius-property.com/forms/support_form.html


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