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Environmental Policy

We have taken steps to protect our environment. We view our position from a personal level looking out and what impact we are having on the space we are occupying.

Every time we make a decision we have to evaluate the long term consequences of our actions and our position in our planet and the universe.

The decisions we are making on a daily basis cover all the activities we are undertaking, such as: timber procurement, supplies and delivery of goods, waste production and handling.

To fulfill our companies objectives we have made the following considerations:

Power and Heat

Our electricity usage in our office and workshop has been evaluated, and so we have chosen a supplier whose standards reflect our own.

We also make a determined stand to reduce the amount of power we use.


Only using machines in a productive and time-conscious manner,

Using timber in such a way that machining is minimised (saving on waste output),

Recycling as much waste as possible - separating different types of waste at source. (We have a council recycling facility 400 metres from the workshop)


We try to reuse all packaging we receive. This involves storing boxes and grading into size and strength.

We use banding supplies to minimize card use. Using recycled paper as padding rather than plastic.

Sawdust and Shavings

We collect and store for recycling all wood waste and sell the Oak shavings for smoking fish and other timber shavings for pets.

We can use sawdust for spillage control before burning.


Our office utilizes only recycled paper products and we try to avoid printouts as far as possible.

We will examine closely any area where we can change our methods to avoid wasting resources.


If you feel we can improve on our standards, please contact us or visit our workplace to see our policy in action.






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